Affari & finanza awards ZIP GFD through a fullpage article.

This is one of those cases where a titled NewsPaper such as LaRepubblica decides to tell a company story. In its Special Issue of Affari & Finanza, LaRepubblica has told about ZIP GOFFREDO’S product capacity, being settled in the south of Italy – Bari specifically. A company able to give its products life and vitality also in different dimensions.

As you may imagine, ZIP GOFFREDO has been working in the fashion accessory field for 40 years. Nevertheless, ZIP is not only the protagonist of creation and real meaning of company life.

Zip is an inspiring element taking ZIP GOFFREDO to move through unexplored fields, to promote the technical and esthetic features of this accessory, born for the fashion and wickly re-invented for art.

This new way of thinking zippers has brought ZIP GOFFREDO to enter the TRIENNALE OF MILANO in september 2014, during the SHOWCASE TEXTILE VIVANT: 3 months with an installation fo 10 mt tall where innovative zippers starred in a modern re-interpretation and got married with technical fabrics right beside sport icons such as Valentino Rossi’s jacket.

Creativity and communication events led ZIP GOFFREDO to enter Fashion Organization in the Accessory Field – such as Sitex, the Organizational Commmitee of Milano Unica – where the company has had the chance to express its roots during the last EVENT in September 2016, called Milano Unica On Air.

The event signed by Pierpaolo Goffredo (ZIP GFD Ceo and Member of Sitex) has brought in Milan food, music and colourful scenografy recreating an authentic apulian farmhouse to be lived and enojoyed by more than 1500 attendants.

Zip Goffredo is not only a ZIP COMPANY: engagement towards environment and strong sensitiveness in social matters and social projects has given AFFARI E FINANZA the right reasons to choose the italian company as point of reference for its work experience and virtuosity in relation with territory, environment and people.

Testata: Repubblica


Data: 19/09/2016

Diffusione: nazionale